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you're probably wondering

Sooo...Can I just go back to receiving emails?

Unfortunately, no. We postponed making the switch to password protected data for a while, but the rules are the rules, so here we are. There are a lot of ancillary benefits to being logged in though, such as being able to share the data directly with authorized third parties, using our upcoming secure messaging platform with other dental/healthcare professionals, and being able to access our forthcoming Voxel 3D viewing/planning system, which should pretty much make everything on paper obsolete.

RCDSO EHR guidelines

What's next

A web-based 3D treatment planning platform

Canaray has invested in software development, continuous imaging equipment upgrades, new locations and a brand new implant-focused fully digital lab in order to further enhance our ability to serve you. Over the next few months, we will be inviting early adopters into our alpha program to give us feedback on our latest and greatest innovations before we release them to the general dental public. Log in to Canaray for early access.