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Quick and Reliable Dental CT Scans
Serving Burlington and Surrounding Areas

Mount Royal Dental provides Burlington with a comprehensive CBCT scanning that is convenient and competitively priced.

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Quality-Controlled Imaging and Reporting

Mount Royal Dental performs your 3D diagnostic imaging at our facility at 2043 Mount Forest Drive, Burlington. Images produced by Mount Royal Dental can receive an expedited Canaray workup.


Quick Turnaround Times. Guaranteed.

We do not miss deadlines. If you need a case quickly, let us know. Mount Royal Dental can see patients on short notice, and Canaray will have your reports ready on time.


Visually Oriented Radiographic Reports

Through Canaray's reporting service, we are pushing the envelope for radiographic reporting, and will give you the answers you want in a format that facilitates patient education.


Access Your Cases From Anywhere. Anytime.

We store and serve all your case data on secure servers indefinitely, so that access to them is as convenient as the nearest internet-enabled computer, phone or tablet.


Email and Internet Delivery to Complement Mail

For instant results, nothing beats email or online delivery. See the results for every case immediately, while waiting for the hard copy to arrive via mail.


Wide range of CBCT scanning capabilities

Our Sirona 3D CBCT scanner is capable of capturing high resolution small field images and arches up to 8x8cm in volume.


Fully Segmented Simplant Conversions and Cleanup

Instead of cutting corners on segmentations, we segment out every tooth individually. All at very competitive prices.


Sensible Measurements From A Planning Perspective

If you're used to measurements on cross-sectional images, we'll do them the way you like them. We measure everything, and we don't skimp on slices.


High Quality Image Presentation And Packaging

Let's face it: Looks matter. The scans you order from Mount Royal Dental will be formatted into an attractive document for treatment planning presentations.