Medical Radiation Technologist

MRT - any discipline
About Us: At Canaray, we put a lot of effort into doing the right thing. We have no salespeople, no upselling, no forced or coerced treatments, nothing of that nature...We simply do what's best for the patient. We operate 7 imaging clinics in the GTA.<br><br> About you: At our imaging clinics, we require friendly certified MRT to acquire CBCT scans. No previous CBCT or dental experience is required. This position won't work well for anyone that needs a lot of direct supervision. Our preferred management technique is to only hire self-motivated individuals that do not need to constantly be told to put a cell phone away or to be micromanaged. <br><br> About the Job: This is a full time position that includes a rotation through Saturday. Ability to work at multiple locations is expected. <br><br> About the work environment: If you enjoy learning new things on computers, you will find working at Canaray easy. However, you should know in advance that our work environment is fast-paced, and we have opted to dispense with the unnecessary banter when discussing errors and criticisms, and instead cut right to the chase. We have found that having a work environment with minimal talking and more straightforward interactions with each other has reduced things like office gossip to a negligible level.<br><br> In Conclusion: It's not for everyone, but for anyone looking for a change of pace, perhaps consider Canaray.<br><br> If we have piqued your interest, please take a few minutes to visit or read the Canaray Manifesto (Google it), and if that hasn't scared you off, please send us an eloquently written note about what you're looking for in terms of work.<br><br> Currently seeking individuals for Canaray Mississauga Clinic with intermittent shifts at other locations.<br><br>
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Location | Canaray Mississauga
Address: 6605 Hurontario Street, Suite 605, Mississauga, L5T 0A3, Ontario
Monica Sokolowski | Head of Imaging
1 877 498 9729