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Case 106190

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Canaray 106190

1. Probable root fracture on tooth 46D

An oblique fracture plane appears to extend through the coronal third of the distal root of tooth 46. Due to the absence of radiographic changes within the periradicular bone adjacent to this apparent fracture plane, correlation with clinical signs and symptoms is indicated to confirm this interpretation.

No evidence of endodontic pathology associated with tooth 46

The periodontal ligament space lining the roots of tooth 46 appears thin and uniform, and the lamina dura intact. The surrounding periapical and periradicular bone appears normal. There is no radiographic evidence of endodontic pathology involving tooth 46.

Axial views of tooth 46

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the apparent fracture plane within the coronal third of the distal root of tooth 46, which extends between the distal and mesiobuccal surfaces of the root. Note the normal appearance of the periradicular bone at this time.

Mesiodistal views of tooth 46

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate a normal appearance of the periapical bone associated with the mesial and distal roots of tooth 46. There is no evidence of endodontic pathology.

Buccolingual views of tooth 46

These buccolingual cross-sectional images demonstrate approximately 5.0 mm and 4.5 mm between the mesial and distal root apices of tooth 46 and the mandibular nerve canal, respectively. The buccal and lingual cortical plates are intact.