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Case 116275

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Canaray 116275

1. Mandibular asymmetry

An anteroposterior mandibular asymmetry is present. The posterior border of the right mandibular ramus is positioned anterior to that of the left ramus.

Lateral cephalometric reconstruction

This lateral cephalometric image was reconstructed from cone beam CT data. An anteroposterior asymmetry is noted in the posterior borders of the mandibular rami.

Peg lateral morphology of teeth 12 and 22

Teeth 12 and 22 are microdonts with a reduced mesiodistal dimension, an appearance consistent with peg lateral morphology.

2. Paracondylar process

A corticated, bony fusion is present between the left mastoid region and the transverse process of C1. This reflects the presence of a paracondylar process, which is a developmental anomaly that is typically asymptomatic. Medical referral may be considered if the patient experiences limited range of neck movement or chronic headaches.

3. Physiologic intracranial calcifications

Parasagittal physiologic calcifications are present intracranially. This is an incidental finding with no significance.