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Case 121479

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Canaray 121479

1. Residual cyst at site 16

A large well-defined unilocular cystic lesion is present in the periapical region of site 16. This lesion is comprised of air and soft tissue, which suggests that it has marsupialized upon the extraction of tooth 16. The lesion has displaced the sinus floor superiorly, and has caused buccolingual expansion of the adjacent to the alveolar process. This represents a marsupialized residual cyst that originated at tooth 16. A persistent defect extends from the oral cavity into the cystic lumen.

Orthogonal measurements of cystic lesion apical to site 16

These orthogonal cross sectional images demonstrate the buccolingual immediate distal dimensions of the cystic lesion at site 16 from various perspectives.

2. Secondarily affected tooth 15

The lesion originating at site 16 extends onto the distal surface of the apical third of the root of tooth 15. The tooth appears normal otherwise, and has been secondarily affected by the cystic lesion. No endodontic pathology is present.

3. Deep restoration at tooth 17D

A deep restoration is present at the distal surface of tooth 17. This restoration extends to the level of the coronal third of the root of the tooth, and may exhibit in overhang, which has promoted distal furcal bone loss. No endodontic pathology is present. The cystic lesion originating at tooth 16 extends onto the mesial surface of the apical half of the mesiobuccal root of tooth 17.

4. Mild mucositis of right maxillary sinus

The right maxillary sinus exhibits mild mucositis, which represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.