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Case 121804

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Canaray 121804

1. Rarefying osteitis at tooth 11

Tooth 11 exhibits periapical rarefying osteitis. The bone surrounding the remaining root surfaces of the tooth appears normal. No signs of root fracture are radiographically evident. No unobturated canals are radiographically evident. This radiographic appearance is suggestive of a recent or a failing endodontic treatment in tooth 11.

2. Healing extraction socket at site 34

Low-density granular bone is present at the periphery of the extraction socket at site 34. This represents a healing extraction socket.

3. Elongated styloid processes

The styloid processes are elongated bilaterally. This is an incidental finding with no significance.

4. Fused C1 and C2 vertebrae

The first and second cervical vertebrae are fused. The arch of C1 is not visible in the region anterior to the odontoid process of C2. In the absence of any symptoms, this is a non-significant incidental finding.