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Case 141948

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Impacted / delayed / malpositioned / extra teeth

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posterior 2nd quadrant

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Canaray 141948

Volume rendering of 2nd quadrant

MP4 Video: Suitable for Apple, Windows and mobile devices, 2nd quadrant

2. Complex odontoma causing resorption of tooth 26DB

This complex odontoma has caused resorption of the apical third of the distobuccal root of tooth 26. The tooth appears normal, otherwise.

1. Complex odontoma causing impaction of tooth 27

A complex odontoma is present in the maxillary alveolar process buccal and occlusal to the crown of the impacted tooth 27. The radiographic features that support this interpretation are the presence of multiple disorganized variably-sized tooth-like structures surrounded by a radiolucent capsule and corticated periphery. This complex odontoma is the source of the impaction of tooth 27. The complex odontoma can be accessed from the buccal aspect of the alveolar crest at site 27.

3. Left antral pseudocyst + mild mucositis

An antral pseudocyst is present on the floor of the left maxillary sinus. Mild mucosal thickening is also evident along the lateral wall of the left maxillary sinus, which is consistent with mild mucositis. These represent non-significant incidental findings.