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Case 148723

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Canaray 148723

Volume rendering of 2nd quadrant

MP4 Video: Suitable for Apple, Windows and mobile devices, 2nd quadrant

1. Hypercementosis and rarefying osteitis at tooth 28

Exuberant hypercementosis is present around the roots of tooth 28. In addition, periapical rarefying osteitis is present, which has likely also devitalized the hypovascular surface of the tooth in the region of the hypercementosis. Typically, periapical lesions around teeth with excessive hypercementosis do not resolve upon endodontic treatment. Tooth 28 will require extraction.

2. Rarefying osteitis at tooth 27

Rarefying osteitis is present in the periapical regions of all of the roots of tooth 27. This suggests that the tooth has been devitalized. The rarefying osteitis drains to the alveolar crest along the distal surfaces of the roots of the tooth. No signs of root fracture are present in tooth 27. Endodontic treatment would likely be curative.

3. Mild mucositis of left maxillary sinus

The left maxillary sinus exhibits mild mucositis, which represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.