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Case 150532

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right mandible

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Canaray 150532

1. Recurrent odontogenic keratocyst apical to implants 46 and 47

A multilocular radiolucent entity with a thickly corticated periphery is present in the periapical regions of implants 46 and 47. This lesion is continuous with the inferior border of implant 47, and has produced a dehiscences in the lingual cortical plate. Due to the association of this lesion with the surface of the implant at site 47, the implant may be compromised. The lesion is also continuous with the postsurgical draining defect distally. Of particular note is the presence of a small daughter loculation at the mesial inferior aspect of the lesion. The inferior alveolar nerve canal does not appear to have been affected by the entity and is separated from the lesion by at least 2 mm of normal bone.

2. Postsurgical defect at site 48 communicates with recurrent lesion

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the draining postsurgical defect at site 48. This defect extends through the alveolar crest, and extends through the lingual cortical plate. The mesial aspect of the corticated defect is continuous with the recurrent odontogenic keratocyst apical to implant 47. Note that a small zone of communication exists between the recurrent lesion and the draining defect.

3. Palatine tonsilloliths

Tonsilloliths are present in the palatine tonsils. This is an incidental finding with no clinical significance due to the spontaneous exfoliation of tonsilloliths.