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Case 151332

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Dental implants

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Canaray 151332

1. Possible horizontal fracture of abutment 11

A horizontal defect is visible at the palatal aspect of the apical section of the abutment at site 11. The abutment at site 12 does not exhibit a similar appearance. This may be a sign of the horizontal fracture of the abutment. However, the presence of a streak artifact in this region, rather than a fracture, cannot be definitively ruled out.

Normal implant 12

The implant at site 12 appears normal radiographically. No significant peri-implant bone loss is evident.

Normal implant at site 11

The implant at site 11 appears normal radiographically. The alveolar bone is intact around the entire circumference of the implant. No signs of peri-implant bone loss are present. The overlying buccal and palatal cortical plates are intact.

address referral reason

Please rule out fracture of abutment for implant #11.

2. Mild mucositis of right maxillary sinus

The right maxillary sinus exhibits mild mucositis, which represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.