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Case 152029

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Pituitary gland

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Canaray 152029

No significant osseous findings in sella turcica

The medical radiology report of the MRI of the pituitary region references soft tissue findings within the pituitary gland to obtain a diagnosis. These findings are not radiographically evident in a cone beam CT scan. The sella turcica surrounding the pituitary gland exhibits a normal shape and size. It is not possible to substantiate the findings of the MRI with a cone beam CT scan. The MRI report should be given greater weighting than this CBCT report due to the inability of cone beam CT scans to resolve soft tissue.

Healing extraction socket at site 38

The medical radiology report referenced a defect in the left mandible. This defect represents a healing extraction socket. No pathology is present in this region.

1. Small pseudocyst in right maxillary sinus

A small pseudocyst is present at the posterior medial aspect of the right maxillary sinus. Radiographic features that support this diagnosis are the origin of the entity within the sinus, the dome shape and the absence of any effects on the underlying structures. This is a non-significant incidental finding.

2. Calcified stylohyoid ligaments

The stylohyoid ligaments are partially calcified bilaterally. This is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.