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Case 153690

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Dental plates in mandible esp. Rt. Side

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Canaray 153690

1. Fixation screws extend into right mandibular nerve canal

A metallic plate with four retention screws is present along the buccal aspect of the right posterior mandible. The two anterior fixation screws apical to the 45/46 region and apical to the distal root apex of tooth 46 extend into the right mandibular nerve canal. This impingement is the source of the purported right-sided mandibular pain. No odontogenic pathology is noted.

2. Fixation screw impinges upon left mandibular nerve canal

A metallic fixation plate and four screws are also present along the buccal aspect of the left posterior mandibular region. The fixation screw apical to tooth 36 slightly impinges upon the inferior aspect of the left mandibular nerve canal. However, in the absence of symptoms in this region, this finding may be incidental.

3. Widened PDL space on tooth 36D

The periapical periodontal ligament space of the distal root of tooth 36 is widened. This may represent a healing post-treatment appearance or a persistent low-grade endodontic lesion. Clinical evaluation of tooth 36 is indicated.