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Case 153968

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Upper Anterior

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Canaray 153968

1. Rule out malignancy in partially captured destructive entity in anterior left maxilla

A large, well-defined radiolucent entity is present in the anterior left maxilla in the region apical to teeth 21, 22, and 23. This entity was partially captured in this scan, and appears to have displaced and effaced the left nasal floor. The entity has also produced a defect at the medial wall of the left maxillary sinus, without causing any expansion of the bone in this region. The teeth in the anterior maxilla are not the source of the lesion. The overall radiographic appearance is suggestive of an aggressive space-occupying mass. The possibility of the presence of a malignancy, such as a squamous cell carcinoma originating in the nasal cavity, should be investigated. Further imaging of the maxilla is recommended in order to fully capture the entity. A biopsy is also recommended to characterize the lesion.

2. Opacified left maxillary sinus and nasal floor

The portions of the left maxillary sinus and nasal floor that are visible in the image are opacified. This is suggestive of maxillary sinusitis of unknown severity, but may also represent a soft tissue lesion occupying the left maxillary sinus and nasal cavity.