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Case 154209

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Canaray 154209

1. Non-healing extraction sockets at sites 35 and 36: Possible osteoradionecrosis

Residual extraction sockets are evident within the left posterior mandible at sites 35 and 36. A small amount of reparative bone formation is noted within these sockets, but this healing bone appears to be partially sequestered. The alveolar crest at sites 35 and 36 is not re-established. Given the history of radiotherapy to the head and neck region as well as purported swelling and exudate within the left posterior mandible, this radiographic appearance suggests the presence of osteoradionecrosis.

Impacted tooth 38

Tooth 38 is vertically impacted. The left mandibular nerve courses lingual to the apical third of the roots of tooth 38. The residual follicle appears normal.

Periodontal bone loss

Generalized mild to moderate horizontal periodontal bone loss is present on the remaining dentition.

2. Maxillary sinus mucositis

Mild mucositis is present in the left maxillary sinus. This is a non-significant incidental finding.