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Case 155099

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right parasymphyseal jaw fracture?

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Canaray 155099

1. Osteomyelitis and pathologic fracture in the mid-fourth quadrant

Osteomyelitis is present in the mid-fourth quadrant. The periosteal bone reaction associated with osteomyelitis extends from the mandibular midline to the right mental foramen. The bone loss at the former implant site, in combination with the osteomyelitis, has induced an oblique pathologic fracture through the implant site. Sequestra may be present at the lingual aspect of the fracture site.

History of pathologic fracture secondary to osteomyelitis in mid-fourth quadrant

**will need a large image***

Secondarily affected implant 41

The sclerosis induced by the osteomyelitis in the mid-fourth quadrant extends mesially towards the implant at site 41. The periosteal bone formation in the mid-fourth quadrant also extends into the periapical region of the implant. However, the implant at site 41 appears to be normally osseointegrated, and is secondarily affected by the osteomyelitis originating in the mid-fourth quadrant.

Normal implant 33

The implant at site 33 appears normal radiographically. No peri-implant bone loss is present. Note that the apex of the implant extends through the inferior mandibular border. In the absence of any symptoms, this is a non-significant finding.