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Case 157581

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Anterior Maxilla

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Canaray 157581

1. History of apical surgery and accessory palatal root of tooth 11

Tooth 11 exhibits a history of apical surgery. A persistent defect is present in the periapical region of the tooth, which extends through the buccal cortical plate. This is suggestive of a failing endodontic post-surgical appearance. Incidentally, a small accessory palatal root is present, and a small foci of periapical rarefying osteitis is evident at this palatal root apex. This accessory root remains unobturated and the palatal surface appears to be bereft of osseous coverage. No signs of root fracture are present.

2. Slightly thickened mucosal lining of the maxillary sinuses

The mucosal linings of the maxillary sinuses are slightly thickened. This is an incidental finding with no significance.