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Case 158882

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Canaray 158882

1. Large unilocular cystic lesion in posterior left maxilla

A large unilocular radiolucent cystic lesion is present in the posterior left maxillary alveolar process. This entity has caused buccal expansion of the alveolar process, and has also displaced the sinus floor superiorly. Early resorption is present in the apical region of tooth 28. The roots of teeth 27 and 28 have been slightly displaced by the entity. Based on the history of surgery, the most likely diagnosis is a surgical ciliated cyst.

Normally seated fixation plates in posterior left maxilla and mandible

The fixation plate and screws that are visible in the field of view in the posterior left maxilla and mandible appear to be normally seated.

2. Mild left maxillary sinus mucositis

Mild mucositis is present on the floor of the left maxillary sinus. This is a non-significant incidental finding.