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Case 162177

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Right hard palate

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Canaray 162177

1. Vertical fracture and periradicular bone loss at tooth 14

Tooth 14 exhibits a vertical fracture that extends mesiodistally through the entire tooth. Periapical rarefying osteitis is present at both root apices. This rarefying osteitis is continuous with the soft tissues swelling in the right hard palate. This tooth is likely the source of the recurrent lesion.

2. Orthogonal views of swelling in right hard palate

A dome-shaped soft tissue mass is present in the right hard palate in the region palatal to teeth 13 and 14. This entity has produced a depression on the surface of the hard palate. The depression is partially corticated. This lesion is most likely secondary to drainage from the palatal root of tooth 14. This diagnosis is supported by the timeline of the lesion and the inflammatory appearance clinically. However, histopathologic correlation is recommended to confirm this etiology.

Periodontal bone loss

Generalized moderate horizontal periodontal bone loss is present on the remaining maxillary teeth.

3. Caries on tooth 38DB

A carious lesion is present along the distobuccal aspect of the root of tooth 38, which extends in close proximity to its pulp canal system. The root apices of this tooth are not captured in this imaging volume, and a periapical radiograph is recommended to assess the endodontic status of this tooth.

4. Mild mucositis of both maxillary sinuses

Mild mucositis is present in both maxillary sinuses. This represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.