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Case 163261

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Right posterior maxilla

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Canaray 163261

1. Widened PDL space on tooth 16P

The palatal root of tooth 16 exhibits a widened periapical periodontal ligament space, which may represent a site of post-treatment healing with fibrous scar tissue or reflect a region of persistent endodontic pathology. The mesiobuccal and distobuccal roots of tooth 16 exhibit a normal post-treatment appearance, and no unfilled canals are radiographically evident. The periradicular bone remains intact and there are no signs of a root fracture.

2. Retained root fragment at site 17P

An endodontically-treated root fragment is retained at the palatal aspect of the alveolar process at site 17. No periradicular pathology is present, which suggests that this is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.

3. Opacified loculation of right maxillary sinus

A loculation of the right maxillary sinus is present apical to teeth 14 and 15. This sinus loculation is focally opacified, which reflects the presence of mucositis. This is an incidental finding, and should not be interpreted as a cystic lesion.