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Case 164152

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Canaray 164152

1. Benign multilocular lesion in posterior third quadrant

A well-defined multilocular entity is present in the posterior third quadrant, at the anterior border of the ramus. This entity contains multiple granular septa, and has caused buccolingual expansion of the anterior ramus. The multilocular lesion is positioned in the peri-coronal region of tooth 38, and has prevented the eruption of tooth 38. Based on the patient's age, and the internal structure of the lesion, the most likely diagnosis is a central giant cell granuloma. The anterior region of the right mandibular ramus should also be investigated for the possibility of the presence of a bilateral lesion.

Impacted tooth 28

Tooth 28 is vertically impacted, and is partially captured in this scan. The follicle surrounding the crown appears normal overall, but a small loculation is visible in the pericoronal region of the tooth at the alveolar crest, which most likely represents a remnant of the gubernacular canal.

2. Left palatine tonsilloliths

Tonsilloliths are present in the left palatine tonsil. This is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.