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Case 168808

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Canaray 168808

1. Ameloblastoma in anterior left mandible

There is a well-defined, corticated radiolucency located within the alveolar process of the edentulous sites 33 and 34. This lesion exhibits a slightly scalloping periphery, giving it a slightly multi-locular appearance. The internal attenuation of this lesion appears comparable to fluid or soft tissue. The overlying alveolar crest and the crestal aspects of the buccal and lingual cortical plates have been lost. The distal margin of this lesion encroaches the left mental foramen, but its cortex appears to be intact.

These findings suggest the presence of a benign odontogenic neoplasm. Its radiographic appearance and the reported clinical findings are in agreement with the histopathologic diagnosis of ameloblastoma.

2. Recent extraction sockets at sites 31, 32

Extraction defects are evident at sites 31 and 32, and there is presently no radiographic evidence of reparative granular bone formation. These findings suggest that the extractions were recently performed. However, correlation with the patient's dental history is necessary to substantiate this interpretation.