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Case 175110

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Canaray 175110

1. Oronasal defect in left hard palate

An oronasal communication is present in the left hard palate at the site of a prominent osseous defect. This defect measures 16mm anteroposteriorly and 10mm mediolaterally. Soft tissue occupies the majority of the defect, but a patent air space is visible in the central region of the defect. No sequestered bone is visible within the hard palate. The source of the defect is not radiographically evident. Low-density granular bone is present at the periphery of the defect, which may be a sign of early healing. In the absence of any clinical history, a biopsy of the tissue at the peripheral region of the defect would be diagnostic in order to rule out the possibility of the presence of a minor salivary gland tumor.

Periodontal bone loss in mandibular arch

The mandibular teeth that are visible in the field of view exhibit moderate horizontal periodontal bone loss.