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Case 176341

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Lower left 37D

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Canaray 176341

1. Cervical abrasion + moderate periodontal bone loss of tooth 37D

Cervical abrasion is present at the distobuccal surface of tooth 37, apical to the cementoenamel junction, which is likely secondary from dental flossing. Moderate periodontal bone loss is also present at the distal surface of the tooth. The periapical periodontal ligament spaces are slightly widened, however are within normal limits that are not suggestive of endodontic pathology. Tooth 37 appears normal, otherwise.

The mesial and distal roots of tooth 37 measure 1.3mm and 1.1mm from the left mandibular nerve, respectively.

Metal artifact reduction on implant 36

The source of the strange grey internal appearances in the crown of implant 36 is the metal artifact reduction algorithm that has been applied to this scan.

2. Peri-implant bone loss on implant 36

There is circumferential peri-implant bone loss around the implant 36, and the coronal third of its threads appear exposed. The remainder of the implant appears osseointegrated. Due to the presence of beam hardening artifacts, periapical radiography is recommended as a supplement to this imaging examination.

3. Retained restorative material between sites 36 and 37

There is a highly radiopaque granule located within the interradicular bone between the apical thirds of implant 36 and tooth 37. This likely represents retained restorative material, which is a non-significant incidental finding.

4. Retained restorative material in posterior third quadrant

Radiopaque retained restorative material is present in the posterior left mandibular body. This is a non-significant incidental finding. No pathology surrounds this retained material.