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Case 178873

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Maxillary 24 and 26

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Canaray 178873

1. Recurrent caries and external resorption in tooth 26

A recurrent carious lesion is present at the coronal third of the mesiobuccal root of tooth 26. A crescent-shaped zone of low dentin density is present adjacent to this carious lesion, which may be a sign of external resorption. This low-density defect is in contact with the mesiobuccal root canal of the tooth. The periapical periodontal ligament space of the mesiobuccal root of the tooth is slightly widened, which may be an early sign of endodontic pathology. No signs of root fracture present in tooth 26. However, the undermined mesiobuccal root is at risk of fracture.

2. Vertical bone loss at tooth 24P

Vertical bone loss is present at the palatal surface of the root of tooth 24. This bone loss extends from the periapical region of the tooth to the alveolar crest. The bone surrounding the remaining root surfaces of the tooth appears normal. This radiographic appearance may be suggestive of a draining periapical lesion or a vertical fracture.