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Case 179019

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Canaray 179019

Dilated odontoma at site 18

Tooth 18 is impacted and appears grossly malformed. An extreme infolding of the enamel lining is observed, which surrounds a grossly dilated central pulp space. This is consistent with a dilated odontoma, which is an extreme manifestation of dens invaginatus/dens in dente.

The roots of this tooth also appear grossly malformed, and appear to branch peripherally, away from the centrally radiolucent core. The majority of this malformed root structure is located within the right antral air space, which is lined by a thin sinus floor. The inferior most positioning of its root structure is located immediately distobuccal to the distobuccal root apex of tooth 17, but there is no evidence of root resorption.

At the time of image acquisition, there is no evidence of cystic degeneration in association with this dilated odontoma.

Normal tooth 17

Tooth 17 appears normal radiographically. There is no evidence of displacement or root resorption in association with its close proximity to the dilated odontoma. Although one of the roots of the dilated odontoma abuts the distobuccal surface of the apical third of the distobuccal root of tooth 17, there is no evidence of root resorption. The majority of the dilated odontoma is located apical and slightly distal to tooth 17, within the right antral air space.