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Case 19011

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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4th quadrant

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Canaray 19011

1. Rarefying osteitis on tooth 44

Tooth 44 exhibits periapical rarefying osteitis that is likely secondary to the presence of a second root canal or a canal bifurcation.

2. Root morphology suggestive of second canal on tooth 44

These cross-sectional images demonstrate the c-shaped profile of the apical region of the root of tooth 44, as well as the eccentric position of the endodontic filling. Both of these findings are suggestive of a distolingually positioned second canal on tooth 44.

3. Prominent lingual mandibular torus

A prominent lingual mandibular torus is present adjacent to teeth 43 and 44. This torus is composed of cortical bone, and is an incidental finding.