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Case 192931

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Dental implants

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Re scan of 46 after extraction

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Canaray 192931

1. Healing socket preservation at site 46

The socket preservation at site 46 is healing normally, but has a density that is slightly lower than the contiguous trabecular bone at this time.

2. Thin buccal bone overlying implant 44

The buccal cortical bone overlying the coronal third of the implant at site 44 is thin and may be partially dehiscent. The remainder of the implant is embedded in bone.

3. Sclerotic healing bone pattern at site 18

Since the prior scan dated October 16, 2017, a biopsy of the former multilocular radiolucency has purportedly been performed. A focal area of sclerotic bone formation is present at the internal periphery of the former radiolucency at site 18, which appears to reflect a site of densely healed bone. The remainder of the site exhibits a normal trabecular bone pattern, and no signs of a persistent or recurrent lesion are noted on the current scan. Continued radiographic monitoring of this area is recommended.