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Case 199547

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Left mandible

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Canaray 199547

1. Large recurrent odonogenic keratocyst in left mandible

A large expansile multilocular lesion is present in the left mandible. This lesion extends from the mandibular midline to the molar region, and has caused significant expansion and thinning of the buccal cortical plate in the canine and premolar regions. Large dehiscences are present in the cortical plate in this region of expansion. The inferior alveolar nerve canal has been immediately and intricately displaced by the entity. Thin septa are visible between the loculations. The radiographic appearance is suggestive of a multilocular benign tumor in the left mandible. Based on the reported history, this entity represents a recurrent odonogenic keratocyst with extension in to the soft tissue.

Orthogonal measurements of lesion in left mandible

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the extent of the lesion in the left mandible. The mesiodistal dimension of the lesion is almost 44 mm