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Case 204149

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angle of right mandible

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Canaray 204149

1. Osteoma at right gonial angle

An osteoma is present at the right gonial angle of the mandible. This osteoma has an undulating, irregularly shaped, but well-defined, periphery. Internally, this osteoma is comprised of cortical bone, and has caused localized expansion of the inferior mandibular border. The osteoma is continuous with the normal trabecular bone of the ramus. At this stage, the osteoma appears to be a non-significant finding. However, the lesion can be periodically radiographically monitored to ascertain its rate of growth in order to determine the need and timing for potential treatment.

Axial views of mandible

These axial cross-sectional images of the mandible demonstrate the asymmetry of the inferior borders of the rami bilaterally. The osteoma has caused localized enlargement of the right gonial angle of the mandible.