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Case 206789

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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maxillary left

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Canaray 206789


with previous scan 119519. dicoms for this case have been run and case should be available in voxel

1. Healing bone at teeth 24 and 25

The prior scan (Canaray case 119519, dated 2016-06-13, shown in redscale) was overlaid on the current scan (shown in greyscale). Reparative bone formation is evident in the periapical regions of teeth 24 and 25, and is visible as grey bone with no red overlay. This suggests that the treatments of teeth 24 and 25 have been successful

2. Progressively enlarging lesion at tooth 27

The presence of a dark red overlay in the periapical region of tooth 27 suggests that the lesion has increased in size since the prior scan. Therefore, the endodontic obturation of tooth 27 appears to have failed.

No change at tooth 26

The apical lesion at site 26 has not shown any significant change since the prior scan. The persistent radiolucent defect at the mesiobuccal root apex remains static. This may therefore represent an apical scar.

3. Mild mucositis of left maxillary sinus

The left maxillary sinus exhibits mild mucositis, which represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.