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Case 208094

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Canaray 208094

1. Fixation screws extend through left mandibular nerve + abut lingual cortical plate

Four fixation screws are present in the posterior left mandible. Two of the fixation screws extend through the left inferior alveolar nerve canal and abut the lingual cortical plate. One of the fixation screws abuts the inferior cortex of the left inferior alveolar nerve canal.

Prominent alvelar bone defect in anterior mandible

A prominent defect is present in the mandibular alveolar process between sites 35 and 44. The inferior aspect of the mandible remains continuous, and there are no signs of non union of the bone in this region. The fixation plate appears to be fully seated in the posterior left region, but appears to be slightly incompletely seated in the posterior inferior right region.

2. Small round radiolucency requires follow up

A small round radiolucent defect is visible in the anterior right mandible apical to site 43. This may represent a bone marrow space, but should be periodically radiographically followed up to confirm that it does not represent an early recurrence of the ameloblastoma.

Crown preparations on multiple teeth

Teeth 37, 38, 45, and 46 have been prepared for crowns. However, no crowns are radiographically visible. The remaining mandibular teeth appear normal radiographically. There are no signs of periapical or periradicular pathology on these teeth. There are no signs of root fractures.