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Case 210108

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Canaray 210108

1. Benign odontogenic cyst or cystic tumor associated with impacted tooth 38

A well-defined, corticated, unilocular radiolucency is continuous with the horizontally impacted tooth 38, which extends from the buccal aspect of tooth 37 into the ramus and from the mandibular notch to the inferior mandibular nerve canal. The buccal and lingual cortical plates are thinned and the lingual cortex appears to be partially dehiscent, but no significant buccolingual expansion is noted. The alveolar crest is partially effaced distal to tooth 37. The left mandibular nerve canal courses along the inferior aspect of this radiolucency. Mild root resorption is present on tooth 37.

These radiographic features are consistent with a benign odontogenic cyst or cystic tumor. The possibility of an odontogenic keratocyst should be considered. Biopsy and histopathologic evaluation is indicated.

Orthogonal measurements of cystic radiolucency associated with tooth 38

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the approximate dimensions of the unilocular radiolucency associated with the impacted tooth 38.

Left mandibular nerve inferior to tooth 38

The left mandibular nerve courses inferior to the crown and mesial root of the horizontally impacted tooth 38. No significant nerve compression is present.

Orthogonal views of tooth 37

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate mild resorption along the buccal aspect of the apical third of the roots of tooth 37 due to the proximity of the pericoronal radiolucency associated with tooth 38. Tooth 37 appears normal otherwise.

2. Maxillary sinus mucositis

Mild mucositis is present in the left maxillary sinus. This is a non-significant incidental finding.