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Case 213122

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Troublesome / painful / cracked tooth (Endodontic)

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Maxillary 17

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Canaray 213122

1. Large long-standing unilocular cystic lesion in posterior right maxillary alveolar process

A large unilocular radiolucent cystic entity is present in the posterior right maxillary alveolar process. This entity appears to originate at site 18, and has caused substantial displacement of the right maxillary sinus floor. This entity has produced dehiscences in the posterior lateral aspect of the maxillary alveolar process, as well as at multiple sites on the sinus floor. Mild mucositis overlies the sinus floor in this region. Sclerotic bone is visible at the periphery of the lesion in the region apical to teeth 16 and 17. Tooth 17 does not appear to be the epicenter of the lesion, and may be secondarily affected by the lesion. The vitality of the tooth can only be determined clinically. The cystic lesion in the posterior first quadrant will likely not spontaneously resolve, and may require surgical intervention.

2. Secondarily affected tooth 17

The large unilocular cystic lesion that appears to originate at site 18 extends around the mesiobuccal and distobuccal root apices of tooth 17. The palatal root of tooth 17 remains normally encased in bone, which suggests that the tooth remains at least partially vital, and is not the source of the cystic lesion. Tooth 17 appears to be secondarily affected

Periodontal bone loss

Mild horizontal periodontal bone loss is present around the visible teeth in the field of view. Localized buccal furcal involvement is also present at teeth 16 and 17.