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Case 214276

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Canaray 214276

1. Healing extraction socket at site 36: low bone density

Granular bone is present within the extraction socket at site 36, which indicates healing. The density at this site is presently lower than that of the surrounding trabecular bone. The alveolar crest has not yet re-established. No intraosseous pathology is present.

2. Buccal abrasions

Buccal abrasions are present on teeth 34 and 35, at the level of the cementoenamel junction.

3. Dense bone island adjacent to tooth 34ML

A dense bone island is present within the alveolar process, adjacent to the mesiolingual aspect of the apical half of the root of tooth 34. This dense bone island has not had any effects on its surrounding structures and is a non-significant incidental finding.

4. Phleboliths in left sublingual region suggestive of the presence of hemangioma

Multiple phleboliths are dispersed throughout the left sublingual region. These entities have manifested as small round radiopacities with slightly heterogeneous internal structures. In the absence of any symptoms, the potential presence of a hemangioma in this region is a non-significant finding.