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Case 217894

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right side by her ear

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Canaray 217894

1. Osteoma along medial surface of the posterior aspect of right ramus

A relatively large osteoma is present along the posteromedial aspect of the right ramus posterior to the mandibular foramen. The radiographic features that support this diagnosis are the internal structure composed of granular cortical bone, with a pedunculated appearance, which appears to originate from the medial cortex of the ramus and extends to the medial pterygoid muscle area. This osteoma should be monitored for continued growth. Removal would be required if any related symptom or functional issue exists.

Normal right ramus and mandibular foramen

The right ramus is intact and exhibits a normal anatomic contour. There is no evidence of the intraosseous pathology within the trabecular bone of the ramus. The mandibular nerve foramen appears normal and has not been affected by the osteoma developing posterior to the foramen

2. Calcified stylohyoid ligament: styloid process medial to the osteoma

The right stylohyoid ligament is partially calcified. This is an incidental finding with no clinical significance. Note that the styloid process is positioned medial and slightly posterior to the osteoma. The approximate distance between the styloid process and the osteoma is 3.0mm, which can be used as a reference to evaluate the possible growth of the osteoma.