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Case 218406

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Dental implants

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Maxillary anterior area

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Canaray 218406

1. Healed buccal bone graft in anterior maxilla

A history of buccal bone grafting is present in the anterior maxilla at sites 11, 12, and 21. The bone grafting material is less concentrated towards the crestal aspect of site 11 and the bone volume available at this site remains limited. The remainder of the bone graft has healed normally. The density of the graft material at site 21 is slightly lower than that of the adjacent trabecular bone.

The bone graft material at site 21 is stabilized by a titanium mesh.

High crown-to-root ratio on tooth 22

Tooth 22 has a short root, which has resulted in a high crown-to-root ratio. This may adversely affect the longevity of this tooth. Tooth 22 appears normal otherwise.

Comparison of current and prior scan

The prior scan (Canaray case 186746, dated 26 January 2018, shown in redscale) was overlaid on the current scan (shown in greyscale). The bone grafts are shown in grey and the localized zone of crestal atrophy at site 12 in the time interval between the current and prior scan is shown in a darker red.