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Case 35944

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Posterior hard palate swelling

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Canaray 35944

1. Possible minor salivary gland tumor

A well-defined round soft tissue mass overlies the posterior left hard palate. This entity has caused remodeling of the underlying palatal bone, but has not had any other effects on the surrounding structures. Based on the location of the entity within the posterior palatal gingiva, there is a high likelihood that a minor salivary gland tumor is present.

Sagittal views of palate

These sagittal cross sectional images demonstrate the scalloped edge of the posterior hard palate in the region that underlies the soft tissue mass.

Coronal views of posterior maxilla

These coronal cross sectional images demonstrate the paramedian position of the mass in the posterior palatal mucosal tissue. The floor of the nasal cavity has not been affected.

Axial views of maxilla

These axial cross sectional images demonstrate the absence of any damage to the teeth and alveolar bone in the maxilla. The soft tissue mass is confined to the surface of the posterior left palate.

2. Prominent mesial curve on tooth 24P

The palatal root of tooth 24 exhibits a prominent mesial curve. This is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.

Unerupted maxillary wisdom teeth and horizontally impacted mandibular wisdom teeth

The maxillary wisdom teeth remain unerupted. The mandibular wisdom teeth are partially imaged in this scan, and appear horizontally impacted.