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Case 43752

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Canaray 43752

1. Florid osseous dysplasia

Large foci of mature cemental dysplasia are present in the periapical regions of the teeth in the right mandible that are captured in this field of view. This appearance is consistent with the presence of florid osseous dysplasia. None of the teeth exhibit any obvious signs of endodontic pathology, which suggests that the cemental dysplasia remains uninfected. Mild undulating expansion of the buccal cortex is present adjacent teeth 45 and 46, which is a characteristic finding associated with florid osseous dysplasia. No treatment is indicated.

Axial views of mid-4th quadrant

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the extensive cemental dysplasia throughout the fourth quadrant. Mild buccolingual expansion of the alveolar process has occurred, which is expected.

Buccolingual views of mid-4th quadrant

These buccolingual cross-sectional images demonstrate the slight expansion of the alveolar process by the cemental dysplasia, as well as the absence of any displacement or compression of the mandibular nerve canal.

Sagittal views of mid-4th quadrant

These sagittal cross-sectional images demonstrate the presence of multiple sclerotic, amorphous radiopaque foci throughout the right posterior mandible, centered about the periapical level of the affected teeth. This appearance is characteristic of mature florid osseous dysplasia. No periapical pathology involves the teeth captured in this imaging volume.

Impacted tooth 48

Tooth 48 is vertically impacted in the mandibular alveolar process. No pathology is associated with the portion of tooth 48 captured in this imaging volume, and tooth 48 has not caused damage to the distal surface of tooth 47.