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Case 50540

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Dental implants

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Canaray 50540

1. Periodontal bone loss around tooth 38

Tooth 38 is mesioangularly impacted, and exhibits moderate horizontal bone loss around its buccal root surfaces. No periapical pathology is present.

Atrophied mandibular alveolar process

The mandibular alveolar process exhibits significant atrophy. The crestal bone has a knife-edged appearance in the anterior and premolar regions.

2. Dense bone islands or resorbing root fragments in posterior first quadrant

Small dense bone islands or resorbing root fragments are present at the palatal aspect of the alveolar process in the posterior first quadrant. This is a non-significant incidental finding, which should not interfere with implant planning.

3. Calcifications at right antegonial notch

Multiple round calcifications are present in the region inferior to the right mandibular antegonial notch. These may represent phleboliths within the facial artery, which are non-significant incidental findings.

4. Mild cervical degenerative joint disease

Small osteophytes and mild subchondral sclerosis are present in the articular regions of the Atlas and dens of the cervical vertebrae. This is a common incidental finding with no clinical significance that is suggestive of mild cervical degenerative joint disease.

5. Calcification in left vertebral artery

A calcification is present in the wall of the left vertebral artery in the region superior to the left transverse foramen of C1. This may be a sign of atherosclerosis.

6. Elongated styloid processes

The styloid processes are elongated bilaterally. This is an incidental finding with no significance.

7. Calcification in lingual tonsil

A small calcification appears to be present in the lingual tonsil. This is a non-significant incidental finding.

8. Calcification in left carotid space

A small calcification is present in the left carotid space at the level of C2/C3. This may represent a small calcification within a blood vessel, which is a non-significant incidental finding.