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Case 58446

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Canaray 58446

Coronal fracture on tooth 13

The crown of tooth 13 has been fractured. No periapical pathology is present.

Periodontal bone loss

Generalized mild horizontal periodontal bone loss is present.

1. Recent extraction sockets in left posterior maxilla

Early reparative bone formation is present in the extraction sockets in the left posterior maxilla.

2. Maxillary sinus mucositis

Moderate mucositis is present in both maxillary sinuses. Mucosal thickening is noted in the sinus ostia, which indicates antral drainage may be impeded.

3. Ethmoid sinus mucositis

The ethmoid air cells are partially opacified. This is representative of ethmoid sinus mucositis.

4. Sphenoid sinus mucositis

Mild mucositis is present in the sphenoid sinus. This is a non-significant incidental finding.

5. Concha bullosa

The left middle nasal concha contains air. This represents a concha bullosa and is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.

6. Monckeberg's arteriosclerosis

Calcifications are visible in the tunica media of the parasellar segments of the internal carotid arteries. This is an incidental finding with no proven clinical significance and is suggestive of the presence of Monckeberg's arteriosclerosis.

7. Mild cervical degenerative joint disease

Small osteophytes and joint space loss are present in the articular regions of the atlas and dens of the cervical vertebrae. This is a common incidental finding with no clinical significance that is suggestive of mild cervical degenerative joint disease.