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Case 76666

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Canaray 76666

Site 13: Adequate bone

A 4x13mm cylinder was overlaid on the adjacent images at site 13. Adequate bone exists for implant placement at this site.

Axial views of site 13

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the adequate bone that is present for implant placement around the putative implant at site 13.

Retained root of tooth 13

The root of the endodontically treated tooth 13 is retained. No signs of periradicular pathology are present.

1. Image artifact on tooth 14

An image artifact that mimics a root fracture is present in tooth 14. However, no root fractures are present. This is an artifact of the CT reconstruction process. The periodontal ligament space surrounding the root of tooth 14 appears normal and the lamina dura is intact.