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Case 82648

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Canaray 82648

1. Vertical bone loss on tooth 15DP

Vertical bone loss is present on the distopalatal surface of tooth 15. This bone loss extends to the midroot level. The tooth remains vital.

2. Retained root fragments at site 26

Retained root fragments are present at the alveolar crest at site 26. These fragments would likely require removal prior to implant placement in this region.

3. Bone dysplasia at the medial wall of right maxillary sinus

A localized zone of dysplastic bone is present in the medial wall of the right maxillary sinus. The bone has a granular appearance at the periphery and a low-density internal appearance. Mild mucositis overlies the sinus wall in this region. This most likely represents a localized region of subclinical fibrous dysplasia. However, periodic radiographic follow-up of this region is recommended in order to confirm this finding and to ensure that the entity is not significantly increasing in size.

Axial views of anterior nasal cavity

These axial cross sectional images demonstrate the localized region of dysplastic bone that is present in the bone that separates the nasal cavity from the right maxillary sinus.