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Case 96640

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Dental implants

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46, 47

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Canaray 96640

1. Post-surgical defect in posterior 4th quadrant

A post-surgical defect is present in the alveolar process between sites 46 and 47. This defect is continuous with the inferior alveolar nerve canal, has a corticated periphery, and extends to the alveolar crest. This does not represent a recurrent lesion. A heterogeneous bone pattern is present at the former surgical site. No signs of recurrence are radiographically evident.

Mesiodistal views of posterior fourth quadrant

These mesiodistal cross-sectional images demonstrate the post-surgical defect that is present between sites 46 and 47, the extension of the defect to the alveolar crest, the corticated periphery of the defect, and the slightly heterogeneous appearance of the healing reparative bone in the surrounding region.