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Case 98771

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1. Foreign object in right nasal cavity

An irregularly shaped radiopaque entity with a laminated appearance in its central region and an amorphous peripheral appearance is present in the right inferior nasal meatus. The density of the central portion of the entity is higher than that of enamel, which supports the diagnosis of a foreign body rather than a spontaneously arising lesion. The calcifications at the periphery of the entity may be dystrophic calcifications that have formed secondary to a long-standing foreign body reaction. Investigation of the right nasal cavity by an ENT specialist is recommended.

Orthogonal thick slices of foreign body in the right nasal cavity

These orthogonal cross-sectional images demonstrate the laminated appearance of the central portion of the dense radiopaque foreign body in the left nasal cavity. The calcifications that surround the densely radiopaque region may represent dystrophic calcifications.

Axial views of nasal cavity

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the calcification and localized soft tissue reaction that surrounds the radiopaque entity in the right nasal cavity. The nasal septum and medial wall of the right maxillary sinus have not been affected.

Coronal views of nasal cavity

These coronal cross-sectional images demonstrate the confinement of the foreign body and surrounding reactive tissue to the right inferior meatus. The inferior nasal conchae have densities that are much lower than that of the foreign object.

Sagittal views of the right nasal cavity

These sagittal cross-sectional images demonstrate the position of the foreign object in the anterior third of the inferior meatus in the right nasal cavity. The hard palate has not been affected.

2. Mild mucositis of right maxillary sinus

The right maxillary sinus exhibits mild mucositis, which represents an incidental finding with no clinical significance.