Chapter 0: The Canaray Way

This is how to approach oral radiology. #TheCanarayWay

Do the Right Thing

  • Always do the right thing for the patient. This is our #1 priority, always.

Be Excellent

  • Excellence: This is the only way to strive to do anything. Are you collecting a payment? Do it perfectly. Are you cleaning a table top? Do it thoroughly. Just because it's easy doesn't mean that it can't be done with excellence in mind.
  • Excellence is a habit. You need to do everything (even simple, easy tasks) to the best of your ability. Train this aspect constantly, and not just when you perceive something to be important.
  • We are only as strong as our weakest link. We uphold that no weak links will communicate with any of our patients or their referrals.

Be Courteous

  • If you are not going to treat patients with courtesy and empathy every single time, you do not belong at Canaray.
  • If you notice someone treating anyone with anything less than the utmost courtesy at anytime while at work, it is your duty to report it to Madeleine, Monica, or Milan, and it will be promptly dealt with.
  • People are going to be angry when their deadlines or appointments are approaching, or when we have made an error. Be patient and honest with them when they are yelling at us on the phone. Remember that they are not upset with you personally, but that they are upset with Canaray.
  • We can fix pretty much any technical error, but we can't fix the damage to our reputation if you have not been courteous and understanding when someone is in distress and is contacting us for help and to make things right. Always remember this.

The Patients are Not Your Training Ground

  • If you are struggling with something, don't wait until the patient arrives to practice your technique. Canaray patients are not your personal test subjects.
  • Please make sure that you are competent in all aspects of your job. If you ever identify a weakness during a patient interaction, then spend some time rectifying your deficiency during your downtime so that you do not continually present yourself to our patients as an unknowledgeable practitioner of your craft. We are not 'Canaray | Amateurs in Oral Radiology'- We are 'Canaray | Specialists in Oral Radiology'. Specialists operate at the highest level in their field. We set the standard. If you are not going to perform at our level, then please make room for someone who will.
  • If you witness continuous subpar performance by your colleagues, it is your duty to report it to Milan, and it will be addressed.

Treat Everyone Honestly and Fairly

  • We have no salespeople or anyone going around making sure that you are meeting your quotas or upselling our service. There is a reason for that.
  • Nobody at Canaray has ever gotten into trouble by doing the right thing, which is to give everyone exactly what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. If someone doesn't need to be at Canaray, let's figure out what they need instead and make sure that they are properly taken care of.
  • For this reason, everyone from new staff to senior office management has the exact same level of control over patient fees and pricing. That is to say, they have none. If someone's case is assessed by any staff person at any Canaray location, we should all independently come up with the exact same fee for that patient.
  • Do whatever you need to do to make sure that our reputation as an unbiased, fair, and honest healthcare provider is reinforced.

Own Your Mistakes

  • People make mistakes. As soon as you recognize one of your own, STOP. Do not try to hide it. Ask someone knoweledgeable how to proceed. They will tell you what to do, or will take over from there. That is the only correct way to deal with the issue. It is much more difficult for us to operate at a consistently excellent level when our team members hide problems and issues from the rest of us. Transparency is key. Document your error in the patient chart and tag Milan and Monica, so that we can identify patterns that can be corrected with improved operational procedures. If we don't know about it, it will never be fixed in the long run.

'Good Enough' is Never Good Enough

  • If you aren't going to do it well, don't do it. Leave the job for someone that will do it properly.
  • IF YOU DON'T KNOW, PASS IT ON TO SOMEONE COMPETENT. Afterward, make it your business to become competent for the next time where the situation comes up.

Look and Act Like a Professional

  • Dress sharply and conservatively. If your outfit only looks good with dress shoes, that's the right outfit.
  • Make sure you and your workspace are tidy.
  • Conduct yourself in a way that gives people confidence in your words and actions.

Be Consistent

  • The more consistent we are, the more useful our results are in the context of our previous results.
  • We don't want people to relearn the order and flow of our reports every single time. They should be predictable and consistent.

Be Systematic

  • Perform your duties, ask your questions, arrange your screen windows in the same way, every time. Being systematic reduces your rate of error.

Don't Cut Corners

  • Don't rush. Doing things well takes a certain amount of time. Yes, everyone's angry that it's taking so long, but they'll be angrier if you submit a product rife with mistakes or omissions.

Every Report is Our Best Report

  • If we get audited by anyone, we should be able to confidently say that any report from any time frame will pass muster. Every Canaray report should be the best which we are capable of.

Effort is Not What is Important. Results are What are Important

  • Nobody cares how hard you tried if you fail, they only care about whether the result was obtained or not. Focus on doing everything correctly, on delivering results, and not excuses.

Allow People to Work in Peace

  • Don't disturb anyone that is working with idle chatter. This is a job which requires concentration.

Yes, It is Your Job

  • If anyone phones or asks us to do something, don't say 'that's not my (or our) job'. It is most definitely your job to help them in whatever way possible.
  • If they phone to order a pizza, take the pizza order.
  • If you ever hear anyone say "that's not my job" when you ask them to help you with something, please report it to Milan immediately.

Don't Defend Bad Decisions or Mistakes

  • When anyone identifies an error or bad decision and lets us know about it, please own it. Don't be defensive. Listen, don't argue.
  • After listening, the only appropriate response is an apology, and then get to work fixing the error and let's see what we can do so that we don't have this same type of error happen again.

Take Responsibility for Technical Issues

  • No matter what it is, if there is some technical issue that is between the referring dental staff and their oral radiology, we need to fix it, even if it does not directly affect us.
  • We can fix pretty much any technical problem that affects dental radiology. It is part of our job to help people when this comes up.
  • Never leave anyone hanging. Yes, it sometimes takes half an hour to deal with what seems like a trivial problem from a stranger on the phone that hardly uses our services. Still, fix it for them.

Yes, We are Open

  • We will make that deadline.
  • Our goal is to be 24/7/365. We're not quite there yet, but it's pretty close.

Make It Happen

  • The patient has an appointment? Set a due date.
  • The patient is in pain? Rush it.
  • Any other sort of rush situation? Let's make it happen!


  • It means continuous improvement.
  • If what we're doing now doesn't make what we did in the past look quaint, we're in trouble. Always aim for continuous improvement.

These are the things that define #TheCanarayWay and guide us in our daily decisions. Equipment and products will come and go. It's how we do what we do that makes us Canaray.