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Case 103856

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Dental implants

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#14 SITE

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Canaray 103856

1. Healing extraction socket at site 14

Granular bone is present within the extraction socket at site 14. The density of this granular bone is slightly lower than that of the surrounding trabecular bone.

2. Prominent neurovascular canal in right maxilla

A prominent neurovascular canal courses through the lateral wall of the right maxillary sinus and along the buccal aspect of the anterior maxilla. This neurovascular canal is unlikely to impede implant placement at site 14, but may increase the risk of intraoperative bleeding if a sinus lift procedure is planned.

Moderate mucositis in the right maxillary sinus

Moderate mucositis is present within the right maxillary sinus. This level of mucosal thickening is unlikely to impede a potential right maxillary sinus lift. Note the proximity of the accessory neurovascular canal to the apical aspect of the edentulous site 14 region.