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  • Canaray no longer accepts paper forms, faxes, or walk-ins. Only referals made via this online form will be valid from now onwards.
  • Canaray no longer operates walk in clinics. Patients must self-book an appointment time online after you make this referral. (The patient will receive an email with the details)
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Service Timeline
At Canaray, we strive to get our reports out as fast as possible, but as you know, a lot of work goes into each report. We want to give you an accurate estimate for when you can expect delivery, and unfortunately with COVID-19, our leadtimes will be longer than normal. We will keep pushing for you! Check back regularly on updates for expected delivery.
Service Alberta Ontario Options
Pan/Ceph <1 Week <1 Week Plain films available online immediately
Trios scans 1 Week 1 Day Digital impressions online same day
ABO photos 1 Day 1 Day Photos online same day
Surgical guides 1 Week 1 Week 1 day rush available for $100
CBCT 1 Week 7 Weeks CBCT online immediately. 2 day rush $50. 10 day rush $25
We are soon about to release our web-based viewing/planning software that works on all devices, which will allow you to browse the CBCT and edit/measure/plan before the report is completed. Our main focus over the next few months is to get these report turnaround times under control!
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Why patient email, not phone?
Canaray will contact patients via email from now onwards to facilitate bookings and contact tracing. Patients without email addresses cannot be referred to Canaray.
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