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Case 111401

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Dental implants

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Canaray 111401

1. CT exposure artifact site 36

Site 36 is positioned at the center of the scan. A localized zone of overexposure is present in this region. The density of the bone at site 36 cannot be reliably assessed at site 36, due to the presence of this artifact. It is likely that the bone is of normal density in this region, despite its appearance in this scan.

Axial views of third quadrant

These axial cross-sectional images demonstrate the CT artifact that is present in the central region of the scan, which is superimposed over site 36. Pathology is not likely present at site 36, however.

2. Normal bone at site 35

The bone at site 35 appears normal radiographically, and has a density that is similar to that of the adjacent trabecular bone.