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Case 112573

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Left maxilla 25, 27

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Canaray 112573

1. Ameloblastoma in posterior left maxilla

A multilocular lesion is present in the posterior left maxilla. This entity originates in the posterior left maxillary alveolar process, and one large loculation of the lesion has displaced the sinus superiorly, and has caused expansion of the posterior wall of the maxilla. More significantly, however, the entity has expanded into the left lateral pterygoid plate, the left hard palate, and the left posterior nasal floor. The entire posterior inferior left maxilla has been affected. The lesion has completely enveloped the posterior superior alveolar canal. This radiographic appearance is suggestive of an ameloblastoma in the posterior left maxilla. The presence of many small loculations is a sign of an aggressive lesion with a high probability of recurrence.

Orthogonal measurements of large cystic loculation in the posterior left maxilla

These orthogonal cross sectional images demonstrate the dimensions of the large cystic loculation of the ameloblastoma that has displaced the left maxillary sinus floor superiorly.

2. Right palatine tonsillolith

A tonsillolith is present in the right palatine tonsil. This is an incidental finding with no significance because tonsilloliths exfoliate spontaneously.

3. Mild cervical degenerative joint disease

Small osteophytes and mild subchondral sclerosis are present on the articulating surfaces of the cervical vertebrae. This is suggestive of the presence of mild cervical degenerative joint disease, which is an incidental finding with no clinical significance.